Hello! You are using Internet Explorer. If you did not buy a lottery ticket last year (and therefore have not received a pre-age verification code), we will require you to use YOTI (the government approved digital ID) to confirm that you over 18 years old. YOTI is not supported by Internet Explorer. Please use any one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or wait for in person sales to start later in June


I have bought a ticket for the lottery but I have not yet received my ticket by email. 

If you have not received your ticket we would ask you to please fill out this form and one of the team will get your ticket sent out to you. By using this form it allows us to capture all of the information we need to be able to rectify the issue quickly. Please note, our aim is to respond to emails in 2 working days.


I have just received my ticket and I have noticed that there is an error on the ticket, how do I get the error fixed?

If you notice that there is a discrepency with your tickets, please fill out this form and one of the team will rectify the error and will get back in touch with you to let you know that the error has been fixed.

Please note that all tickets purchased must, and will, stay in the name of the purchaser. 


I can't find my preverification email, how do I set my account up?

If you have bought a ticket in the past few years and have told us that you would like to hear about future lotteries and raffles you can click here. Enter your email in the box and it will send you a verification message to allow you to set up your account.


I used to get a code, does that code still work?

To make the process simpler for all purchasers we have removed the codes and have created a member area which will allow you to quickly check out with your details, not have to 


I haven't bought before how do I set up an account?

If this is your first time buying a Million Pound Lottery ticket you will be unable to set up an account and we will require you to either purchase a ticket using YOTI or in person at De Gruchy or our St Ouen's Store so that we can age verify your purchase.